Welcome to Darvish

When the owners of Darvish first thought about embarking on the journey of becoming restaurateurs, they had one goal in mind – to be able to give everyone a chance to sit down, have a meal and be taken back to the nostalgic feelings of a home cooked meal. It was due to his initial thought and the ongoing consistent implementation of it that the homemade dishes of Darvish have been drawing in both Persian and non-Persian clientele since the summer of 1985.
The summer of 1985 was a very hard time for the owners of Darvish, given that they had recently left their home and felt a panging sense of homesickness. The only time the family felt somewhat at home was when they were all huddled around the dinner table sharing a meal and trying to recreate a taste of home. It was in fact over dinner one night that Darvish was born.The conversation was centralized around the idea that a good meal and good company are all that is needed. This sparked the idea of bringing just that to the masses.
There is an ancient Persian saying that talks about the Darvish way of life and sharing universal values of love and service. It is explained that even with minimal amounts of material goods, all that is needed is love and welcoming all those that enter with an open heart.
Darvish Restaurant’s aim is to do just that, when you walk in, you become part of the family, sitting down at the dinner table, breaking bread and feeling warmth, love, and nostalgia.