• Mirza Ghasemi (Without Egg) 13.99

    Grilled eggplant puree with garlic and tomato. Served with Persian bread

  • Hummus 10.99

    Tasty homemade hummus. Served with Persian bread

  • Bandari 16.99

    Persian Halal sausage, tomato, onion, and hot red pepper. Served with Persian bread

  • Dolmeh Barg 10.99

    8 bite-sized grape leaves filled with rice, split peas and spices

  • Shirazi Salad 8.99

    Diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in lemon, mint, and olive oil

  • Caesar Salad 12.99

    Lettuce, croutons, Parmesan, Caesar dressing

  • Garden Salad 12.99

    Lettuce, tomato, cucumber with Italian dressing

  • Persian Taster 24.99

    Sample of each Dolmeh Barg, Kashk-o-Bademjoon, Hummus, and Shirazi Salad. Served with Persian bread

  • Persian Empire Taster 47.99

    Mirza Ghasemi, Zeytoon Parvardeh, Kashk-o-Bademjoon, Masto- Khyar, Mast-o-Moosyr, Borani Bademjoon, Hummus. Served with Persian bread